What our volunteers offer....

Who can use our service? Anyone with the care and responsibility for a child under 18.

What does it cost? Our service is FREE to families

How can I access the service? There is no need for a referral. Please just call the office and discuss with the friendly staff who will arrange to come and visit you to discuss the service further.

What happens after the initial home visit? After the coordinators home visit, the coordinator will link you with a trained volunteer home visitor.

Is your service confidential? ESP is a confidential service within the bounds of the law. We are aware that Southern Tasmania is a small community and take steps to ensure your privacy is protected.

As a parent you may experience:

  • stress
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • confusion
  • loneliness
  • isolation
  • uncertainty
  • sleep deprivation
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • exhaustion
  • feeling "fed up"
  • lack of energy
  • no time to yourself
  • lack of confidence
  • difficulty in managing your days
  • feeling hassled
  • unhappiness
  • ill health
  • concerns about parenting
  • concerns around behaviour
  • post natal depression

Early Support for Parents believe you understand your situation and know your family better than anyone. We aim to work with you towards meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

Early Support for Parents believe you are your own best expert and that you have within you a wealth of resources, both known and unknown to you.

Early Support for Parents acknowledge that problems and stress are part of everyday living with a family. We believe the problem is the problem.....you are not the problem! We focus on solutions and how they work, rather than problems.

Early Support for Parents believe parents have the right to be supported and encouraged in their parenting roles so that both children and parents can experience the benefits of being a part of a family.